Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dessert and candy found at Walmart

Just Because your kid is on a diet doesn't mean they have to miss out. I keep candy and snacks in the glove box in my car. I always have a few Starbursts shoved somewhere in my wallet. If we happen to go somewhere and I have nothing I promise him something awesome for later and he is okay. He is very good about it. (Just be prepared so this doesn't happen often.) At school or at church if he gets a treat and he knows he can't have it he brings it to me and we trade it for something he can have. For Birthday Parties or special occasions I bake a tray of cupcakes frost them and sprinkle them with sprinkles and freeze them so that I can have one for him at a moments notice. He takes his own cake & ice cream to birthday parties. There are a lot of candies they can have on the candy isle way too many for me to blog about not chocolate but a lot of other things are good. Check lables.

Cracker Jacks these are by the microwave popcorn. I always keep a package of these in the glove box in my car.

Pamela's Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies I give a box of these to Ethan's Kindergarten teacher every now and then for when there is a special occasion like a birthday so that he can have something good.

Philly Swirl Swirl Stix

My-T-Fine pudding and Pie filling Not completely sure if this is dairy free I looked this up online at I read the ingredients and there was no dairy. Use rice milk or soy milk to make this. Also avaliable in chocolate. Check the lable!

Jello any brand I'm pretty sure is gluten and dairy free. You might consider getting sugar free. It is a good idea to limit sugar as much as possible.

El Mexicano Flan I have not tried this. Always check the label sometimes ingredients change. If it calls for milk use rice milk or soy milk. Tapioca pudding that comes dry in the box is GFCF too.

Skittles taste the rainbow hehehe. Another great thing to keep in the glove box as an emergency dessert.

Sweedish fish sour patch kids also

Jolly Ranchers any flavor suckers anything they sell

Starburst original, jellybeans, Probably any form that they sell

Betty Crocker Gluten free Brownie Mix: Use shortening instead of butter (butter contains whey which is dairy.) You can also use vegetable oil but they turn out better if you use shortening. I haven't tried apple sauce but you can if you want.

Betty Crocker Chocolate Chip Cookie mix: use shortening or oil instead of butter. Shortening is better.

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cake Mix: Use shortening instead of butter. Taste your batter it might need more sugar. This is a good mix nobody could tell it was gluten free.

Betty Crocker Gluten Devils Food Cake mix: Use shortening instead of butter. I haven't seen this mix at my Walmart but it is at every other grocery store in my town.

Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy Vanilla
Frosting: a lot of the Walmart frostings are
gluten & Dairy free even chocolate ones be
sure to check the lables or make your own
butter cream frosting using shortening instead
of butter

Fruit chillers Popsicles: these are kind of
like apple sauce. They are also found on the
apple sauce isle they don't come frozen you
freeze them when you get home. They kind
of look like gogart and they make Ethan feel
like he has something special.

So Delicious Dairy free ice cream chocolate or vanilla: This is good stuff! It can be kind of hard to find at least at my Walmart because it is in a different place on the ice cream isle every time I buy it. Happy hunting!

Philly Swirls: These are really cool! The spoon is a sucker these are as cool as any ice cream novelty I've ever seen. My kid is on a diet but I refuse to let him miss out!

Marshmallows: these are great plain or make rice krispie treats but use the same amount of Canola oil instead of butter. It tastes the exact same. You can also make marshmallow fondant.

This is a list of what you can buy ready made I'll put some simple recipes on at some point that will expand the dessert category. Let me know if you have a special request of a dessert that you want to create I'll try to help you.


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  2. Cool Blog! I know people who have bad reactions to gluten and they say the Betty Crocker products are no good. Maybe it depends on the person. Just something I've heard. Keep up the good work. People will find this invaluable.